About Us

A family business

Kim Galley, owner, began making candles in her basement in 1998 in order to stay at home and earn an income while caring for her school age children. That same year, she established The Kinfolk Candle Company. The name kinfolk was chosen, which is Synonymous with family.

Now, since the year 2021 Kim Galley’s youngest daughter has begun working on the family business in hopes to take on the business after Kimberly retires. As a mother daughter team we motivate each other and have so much fun.

We now do various festivals together, and may even be looking into opening a storefront soon.

Candle making is an art. A combination of science and mathematics are used in measuring, testing and blending fragrance and wax. We use a Natural Soy Vegetable Wax formulated specifically for container candles. It can be difficult to produce a “good throwing” candle. The throw is the term used for the scent that the candle gives off both hot (while burning) and cold (not burning).