Candle Care

1. Never burn your candle in a draft; it will lower the burn time making the candle burn much quicker, the candle will burn unevenly, and it will make the candle smoke.

2. Keep candles out of direct sunlight to prevent fading.

3. To limit smoking and soot while burning, keep your wick trimmed to a ¼ of inch and your candles free of matches, wick trimmings and other flammable objects.

4. Never leave a burning candle unattended even for a short time. If it’s not within your eyesight , blow the flame out.

5. Always keep candles out of the reach of both children and pets and never leave them alone with a burning candle.

6. Burn your candles on a level heat resistant surface for no more than 4 hours at a time.

7. The first time that you light your container candle, allow the wax "melt pool" to reach almost the edge of the container. In future burnings, all candles will only burn as far from the wick as they did the first time. This is referred to as a "candles memory".

Wholesale and Fundraising Info

Kinfolk Candles is pleased to offer wholesale pricing to qualified merchants. In order qualify for wholesale pricing you must have a current Tax ID Number, or acquire one. There is a minimum opening purchase amount of $100.00. 

We look forward to you introducing our product to your customers! 

Please Email: kim.kinfolk@gmail.com
or call 330-329-3337 

We will then mail a Wholesale Information packet out to you within a day or two!

Our fundraising program provides 40% profit to your organization!
No minimums!
No upfront costs!
Free brochures, order forms and envelopes.
Free local delivery.
Hand poured in Canal Fulton, OH
85% of all households purchase scented candles!

Our Unique Candle Fundraiser Program is EASY, and IT WORKS!! Each and every one of our candles is hand-poured using a special blend of the finest waxes and LEAD FREE WICKS! Each premium candle is drenched in high end scented oils dispersing more than three times as much scent as ordinary candles. This is why our candles smell wonderful all the way to the bottom of the container! Everyone enjoys the glow of candle light and the smell of rich fragrance in their home. Best of all, our candles are affordably priced; customers rarely buy just one candle! 
The average group can easily raise $2,000.00+ in two weeks!

This Is How Our Program Works:
Fundraiser participants show the customer our “simple to use” order form complete with candle and melt photo and scent descriptions and fill in the order information. There are no samples to worry about. You collect the money when the order is taken and your organization keeps 40% of the money. There are NO Minimums and never any cost to you in advance! 
We will also supply you with Incentive Ideas and Tips For Success.

When the fundraiser has ended, just transfer the total number of candles sold on the individual order forms to the tally sheet. Keep the original order forms for your records. Send the tally sheet along with 40% of the money collected to The Kinfolk Candle Co. Orders will be filled within 2-4 weeks and shipped back to you freight collect. Your organization will be responsible for the freight. 
We offer FREE local delivery including most of Northeastern Ohio. 

If you would like to take part in our Fundraising Program, please call us @ 

330-329-3337 or e-mail us: kim.kinfolk@gmail.com


Please inclued a mailing address, the name of organization, number of participants, contact phone number and how you heard about our company in your E-mail in order to receive a fundraising packet.  



It works!

Comments: I ordered your candles through my nephew's baseball team out of family support. Before I smelled the candles I said I'd rather just give money to the team next year. But after I smelled them, WOW! They are the best I've EVER smelled. The Lilac In Bloom is exactly like smelling a real lilac. I've searched for years and never found one that smells even close, but yours is dead on! And the Clean Cotton is amazing. I will definately be on kinfolkcandles.com the next time I need candles! Rhonda - Ohio 


Quality Assurance

If you are not completely satisfied with your Kinfolk Candle purchase, just contact us via e-mail @ Kim.kinfolk@gmail.com and we will replace your candle at no cost to you!

  • Disclaimer

    Kinfolk Candles© is not responsible for any injuries, damages or losses of any kind due to lack of attention or proper candle burning safety while enjoying our products. Our maximum liability to you is the purchase amount of your candles plus shipping cost you paid. Your purchase from Kinfolk Candles© signifies acceptance of our information, policies and guidelines for candle burning. Candle care and burning is a responsibility. Please burn wisely! Kinfolk Candles© is NOT responsible for any damage, injury, or loss of any kind due to your use of any product purchased from K.C.C.. In any case, our maximum liability to you is the amount you paid for the product. Your purchase from Kinfolk Candles© signifies your acceptance of this information and policies. EVERY candle comes with a warning printed on each label.

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