Room Sprays and Aroma Droppers

Scented Oils are a great addition to your Home Fragrance Collection! Our fragrance oils are FULL strength with the same terrific fragrance we use in all of our products! Conveniently packaged with a dropper top.
I like to use them for refreshing stale potpourri, or to put a little more zing in the tart warmer or light bulb ring. You can also use our oil in any fragrance oil warmer or diffuser. 10 drops is all you need to fill an entire room in minutes!

Our 2 ounce Refresher Oils come in clear glass bottles with a squeeze dropper.


Our outstanding super scented room spray, great for that quick splash of scent without having to light a candle.  4 ounce bottle is very long lasting!  A little goes a long way!

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